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Development Stage
Advanced Development, ready for specific company testing.
Development Status Summary

Some products have been trialled and scientifically tested and proven. There can be further scientific (clinical) proof of claims (yet to be done) on products. There is room for extensive furtherance of R&D.
Manufacturing process has been proven and some products have been commercially produced.

Application and Potential Advantage

1 Wound healing, occlusive effect on wounds, burns, broken skin.
2 Burn soothing and rapid regeneration of skin repair with minimal scarring.
3 Does not sting nor irritate open and exposed flesh.
4 Suitable for a vast array of cosmetic products (i.e. sunscreen, moisturisers, conditioners, barrier creams i.e. hand/diaper, anti-aging, perfumes, etc.) as well as pharmacological variants. Ideal for situations requiring long-lasting effectiveness particularly in localised surface delivery especially in moisture laden environments.
5 Infection eradication.
6 Used by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Gynaecologists, Radiologists, Scientists and commercial
sun-screen producers.
7 Shelf life of end product is indefinite.

Samples Available
Customised sampling may be arranged.
To quickly access sample products simply order from online retail outlet:

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