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Abzorba technology is made up of three essential parts.

   1. the formulations.
   2. the manufacturing machinery (unique)
   3. the know-how.

Abzorba technology cannot be handled by established contract manufacturers because of the very specific and non-normal production techniques and equipment required. Specific knowledge and machinery has been developed to handle this technology and is a trade secret, proprietary to the developer. We know anhydrous Abzorba organogel end-products are un-matched among the 'status quo' and are very effective in delivering all of the beneficial and proprietary claims listed. Comparative studies are available.

1 Q Is this technology patentable?
  A Yes.

2 Q Has there been any allergic reactions to our products?
  A No. Thousands of products have been trialled and not a single complaint nor allergic reaction reported.

3 Q Are any products registered and where?
  A Previously yes, an early brand of the sunscreen was licensed to TGA Australia.

4 Q Is it effective in drug delivery?
  A Anecdotally very strong evidence, with clinical trials still to be done.

5 Q Infection eradication
  A Yes.

6 Q Is the R&D complete?
  A No. Abzorba core technology product will take many actives (drugs) into skin and there is vast R&D opportunities ready for your specific testing.

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