Equidae Screen – The Ideal Treatment and Cure for Mud Fever

FutecNZ Limited trading as One24 has the ideal treatment and cure for horses and other herd animals that have contracted Mud Fever.

As the owners of horses and other livestock will know, Mud Fever is an ever-present problem when horse and livestock paddocks are constantly wet and muddy.  With New Zealand’s wet summer, followed by a wet autumn and a wet winter, pasture areas are becoming waterlogged, which means that animals are having to spend more time in wet and muddy paddocks.  These are ideal conditions for both fungal and bacteria type infections – including Mud Fever – to spread.  For more information, please visit our Mud Fever case study at this link https://one24.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Case-Study-3-Equidae-Screen-Mud-Fever.pdf

One24’s Equidae Screen is an ideal treatment and cure for these types of infections as it is effective against both the fungal and bacterial types. It will penetrate the scabs – including breaking them down – and even provide sun protection for the raw skin as it heals, thereby providing an all-in-one treatment for affected horses and other livestock.  Our Equidae Screen can be applied to either wet or dry infections.  For more information on this product please click this link https://one24.co.nz/product/equidae-screen/

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