Abzorba Core Technology

The flagship of our OTC cosmetic skincare products is our sunscreen which is scientifically proven with an SPF of 50+, and one application lasts all day (at least eight hours) in the most extreme of conditions giving both excellent barrier and skin conditioning qualities.   The sunscreen does not erode off the skin nor does it sting your eyes, being totally suitable for top level athletes, marathon, triathletes, endurance sailors and other high performance sports.

Abzorba skincare is a core technology excellent at trans-dermal migration from which a large array of very effective products can be made.

Skin Friendly

Our products do NOT use surfactants or preservatives, are non-comedogenic (designed to not block pores). 


Our products are made using our unique water-free technology. Our formula leaves the skin silky and non-greasy after application.”  The are no silicones in the new current formula.  They have all been removed at Bayer’s request.  Everything is either plant based or synthesised plant based (still organic) to remove the need for silicones, aluminium stearates and non-natural preservatives.


Designed to calm, sooth, protect and moisturise all skin types – all day.

Preservative Free

Our technology ensures that our product does not wash off whilst swimming or sweat off under trying conditions.

Broad spectrum
One application per day
Excellent barrier cream


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Easily Applied
Protects in the harshest conditions
Excellent after sun product
For dry scaly and itchy skin
UV Protection


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Skin conditioning
Resists harshest of acids
Alternative to latex gloves
Excellent for diaper & urine rashes

Barrier Cream

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water-free formulation

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