Our ABZORBA TECHNOLOGY promotes the healing process by way of its inherent sterility, vitamins and plant oil extracts used which result in keeping the skin soft and pliable and promoting rapid healing and repair with minimal scarring during the body’s natural healing and repair process.

Abzorba core technology is an unmatched innovation. Very effective, proven organogel that is described as an anhydrous vegetable oil gel. All raw materials and formulations comply with all global regulatory authorities (CTFA approved).


Abzorba (white gel) is the original formulation developed over three decades and was the base for all commercial products up until 2020.

This technology overcomes all the shortfalls of emulsion technologies with resulting end products specifically engineered to go “into the skin” and not just “onto the skin”.   The currently available emusion-based skincare products are very prone to erosion or wearing off the skin surface.

Abzorba’s inherent sterility and skin absorbant properties make it the perfect drug delivery system.

Abzorba products cannot be reverse engineered and are virtually impossible to replicate without exact IP know how. 



Abzorba+ (opaque gel) is a new technology developed over the last couple of years to refine and improve the original formulation.

As with Abzorba, Abzorba+ is unique anhydrous skincare technology specifically engineered to go “into the skin” and not just “onto the skin”.

Abzorba+ also has inherent sterility and skin absorbant properties making it perfect as a drug delivery system.

This Technology and its formulations are PH neutral.


3 Essential Divisions

Abzorba technology is made up of three essential divisions:

The Formulations

The ingredients, amounts and what you do with them.

Manufacturing Technique

Abzorba and Abzorba+ require unique manufacturing techniques.

The Know How

Bringing it all together to produce unique skincare products.

Abzorba technology is a trade secret, proprietary to the developer and owner. FutecNZ is happy to provide technical information to interested investors who have signed an NDA.  We know anhydrous Abzorba organogel end-products are unmatched among the ‘status quo’ and are highly effective in delivering all of the beneficial and proprietary claims listed. Comparative studies are available.

Formulation & Manufacturing


Graeme Robertson the inventor/engineer of this product is available to work alongside your Research & Development and Production teams to educate them regarding all aspects of this new skincare technology.

For more detailed information please complete the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).

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Is this technology patentable?

Yes. No patents are yet listed. The end products cannot be reverse engineered and are virtually impossible to replicate without exact IP know how. Patents can be lodged should an investor require to do this.

Have any products been produced?

Manufacturing process has been proven and some products have been commercially produced.  

Is this technology Eco-Friendly?

All Abzorba products are Eco-Friendly.  This stems from the fact that our products are plant oil based and so absorbed into the first two layers of the skin leaving absolutely no residues to leach into the environment.  Our products contain no nano particles, making them coral reef friendly and are completely water free

Has there been any allergic reactions to your products?

No. Thousands of products have been trialled and not a single complaint nor allergic reaction reported. View Allergy Test Results

Are any products registered?

Previously yes, an early brand of the sunscreen was licensed in TGA Australia.

Is it effective in drug delivery?

Anecdotally very strong evidence, with clinical trials still to be done.

Can it eradicate infection?

Yes. Some products have been trialled and scientifically tested and proven.

Is the Research and Development complete?

No. Abzorba core technology product will take many actives (drugs) into skin and there is vast R&D opportunities ready for your specific testing.

Can I get a sample?

Yes. Customised sampling may be arranged. Please complete the contact form.


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  • Penetrating to epidermal and dermal levels
  • Totally water proof
  • Sterile by nature
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Anhydrous (no preservatives, surfactants or emulsifiers)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rapid soothing, aids healing of wounds and burns
  • Excellent skin conditioning qualities
  • Easy to apply over all sorts of skin conditions
  • Not prone to eroding off the skin
  • Excellent barrier qualities
  • Application is possible onto wet or immersed skin
  • Excellent actives (drug) delivery medium
  • Very long-lasting efficacy
  • Occlusive by nature / non comedogenic
  • Nontoxic, edible, does not accumulate in tissues.
  • Anti-viral. Anti-fungal. Antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory
  • Resistant to ‘super-bugs’
  • Eco-Friendly