FutecNZ Limited trading as One24 is looking to sell its environmentally friendly 100% water-free plant oil-based products including its SPF50 Sunscreen which does not wash off in water.

Owing to my age, 80 next year and certain health issues, we feel it is a good time to “pass on the baton” to a progressive and enterprising company in either the drugs, cosmetics or veterinary sectors that is investing in R&D.

I am the originator and inventor of this new and unique skincare technology which started in 1984.

Our offer is to make our ABZORBA skincare technology available for either outright purchase or licensing agreements.

We would support any potential buyer or licensee with technical information, product facts, and any marketing materials that we have produced, including product samples.  Purchasing companies would have our full support in R&D and other product development.  They may either adopt our ONE24 brand or create their own brands.

Manufacture of finished products may be produced at either your own sites or via reputable contract manufacturers situated closer to your markets.   End finished products may be packaged in your choice of packaging medium per market requirements.

If seen as a plus, products can be marketed as New Zealand technology or by employing any other advantageous promotional platform.

As you may be aware, this new and unique technology is proven to be very effective across a wide range of products with our “cosmetic products” giving far more effective results than most Rx products currently on the market across the world.

Testimonials are available from specialists, doctors, clinicians and scientists – including Prof. Roger Grossenbacher – on this link  https://futecnz.com/testimonials/

Case studies are also available from our website by clicking here https://one24.co.nz/case-studies/

This offer may be of interest to both:

  • Large multinational companies catering for most market sectors covered by our ABZORBA technology.
  • “Niche marketing companies” looking for a new and effective range of products to help them to become “market leaders” and not just “market followers.”

This unique technology is specifically designed for “PEOPLE WITH A NEED” and “HELPING PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES.”

While there is much more that can be said, at this early stage you should consider our offer for what it is – so far.  For more information, please contact either me at graeme@futecnz.com or my Commercial Manager john@futecnz.com

Kind Regards

Graeme Robertson